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About educational program Enviróza

Website was created for school educational program Enviróza which was developed in format of outdoor game. Enviróza is designed for upper primary and secondary school students and teachers in Slovakia. The aim of the game is to gain and to spread information about environmental burdens in Slovakia. Game consists of three steps:

  1. to find environmental burdens from the list,
  2. to define characteristic of these burdens and publish them online on website,
  3. to collect points for these information and get the score.

Enviróza started in 2015 as part of the project Education and public awareness as a support in contaminated sites remediation in SR. Since 2018 it has been implemented within the framework of the national project Information and providing advice on improving the quality of environment in Slovakia. The project is cofinanced by the EU Cohesion Fund under the Operational program Quality of Environment.

The methodology of the school program Enviróza was created by the Slovak Environment Agency (SEA), which also ensured its implementation and the running of the website. The role of SEA is to increase public environmental awareness through a comprehensive offer of informal environmental education programs at a national and regional level. It provides practical, methodical, publishing, design and conceptual activity in this area. It organizes training and information events, collaborates with interested sectors (The SR Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport), institutions and NGOs in Slovakia and abroad. It carries out tasks in terms of Environmental education concept, the National Sustainable Development Strategy and the UNECE Strategy for education for sustainable development.

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